About the Place Setting

About the Place Setting

The Basic Place Setting: Dinner Plate: Usually 26 – 29cm diameter, the dinner plate is perfect for main courses at any meal, from a formal dinner to a midday brunch. Salad / Dessert Plate: Anywhere from 18 – 25cm in diameter, the salad / dessert plate is great for appetizers, salads and desserts. Bread & Butter / Side / Piece Plate: Anywhere from 12 – 16cm in diameter, this plate is traditionally reserved for bread and rolls. Soup / Cereal / Fruit Bowl: As well as soup and cereal the soup / cereal bowl may be used for serving many different types of food including chili, ice cream, rice, oatmeal, fresh fruit, salad – anything you can think of! The Fruit Bowl tends to be smaller in diameter than the soup / cereal bowl, but similar in shape. Teacup / Coffee Cup & Saucer: Traditionally round in shape with an elegant handle, the teacup shape tends to be shallower and wider than the coffee cup.shape. Additional Place Setting Pieces: Rimmed Soup Bowl / Deep Plate: This popular dish is crafted with a wide rim, making it perfect for not only serving soup, but also main courses like pasta, risotto and stew. Charger / Service / Under Plate: Larger than a dinner plate, usually 28 - 32cm in diameter, the charger may be used is placed underneath a place setting or as a dish on which to serve any course. Often chosen in a different colour , it may add a tasteful contrast to the dinnerware pattern. Accent Plate: True to its name, the accent plate stands out. Featuring subtle to dramatic variations in colour or pattern, it may be used in a similar way to the Dessert Plate or for serving small cakes and pastries. Mug: With a more generous capacity than a teacup and an easy-grip handle, the mug is instant warm beverage satisfaction. Use it from morning to evening for coffee, cocoa, hot toddies – even soup! Serveware Serving Platter: The Serving Platter is usually oval or round. Covered Vegetable Bowl: A classic piece for serving vegetables and potatoes, this dish often comes with a lid or an elegant footed base for heat retention and easy serving. Serving Bowl: Varying in size, the serving bowl is an all-purpose dish for salads, rice, couscous and desserts. Sauce / Gravy Boat & Stand: Graceful and easy to pour, the aptly named gravy boat is handy for sauces both savory and sweet. Its accompanying stand catches drips. Pickle / Relish Dish: This long, narrow dish serves cold condiments and snacks at a buffet table. It is also a useful piece for presenting a fetching assortment of mini appetizers. Creamer: The creamer tends to be smaller than a jug and matches the size of the sugar bowl. Covered Sugar Bowl: The sugar bowl is usually covered with a lid and matches the creamer in size. Teapot: The classic teapot usually has a beautiful wider shape for steeping or brewing the tea. Coffeepot: Usually taller than the teapot, the Coffee Pot has a large capacity. Care Avice Always check beforehand whether an item is dishwasher, microwave or oven safe. A good rule of thumb – any piece with metal accents (such as gold or platinum) is not microwave safe. Clean with care: Avoid soaking earthenware or hand-painted dinnerware. Instead, use gentle detergent and fine-bristled brushes to ensure long-lasting vibrance. Avoid extreme temperature changes: Even the strongest materials don't adjust well to drastic changes in temperature. To resist cracking or breakage, always let hot dishes cool before introducing to the cold, and vice-versa.

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