Caring for your Silver Plated Cutlery

Caring for your Silver Plated Cutlery

Good quality silver plated cutlery is made to be used and enjoyed everyday. The more you use your set the less care will be required, as regular outings prevent the build up of tarnish. Silver is a relatively soft precious metal and over time small marks will appear on the surface of your cutlery irrespective of what care is taken. This subtle marking is known as patina. We suggest using your set in rotation to ensure an even lustre develops on your cutlery. Beware… sulphur is enemy number one! Sulphur in the atmosphere causes tarnishing on silver plate, giving it a discoloured appearance. This is a natural process and does not harm your cutlery. It is however rather unsightly but can be minimised by following a few simple steps: 1) Store your cutlery in a canteen with the lid closed. 2) Never store silver plated items with rubber bands. 3) Certain foods such a Brussels sprouts, eggs, fish and mayonnaise, mustard and vinegar all contain sulphur. To deal with the effects GENTLY rub the items with an impregnated silver cleaning cloth. 4) Keep your cutlery in perfect condition with a good ‘spring clean’, three or four times a year. We recommend using the Arthur Price ‘Easy Care’ range. These products will actually help prevent tarnishing. 5) We do not recommend using silver dip as it is too aggressive. Knife Blades The knife blades of our silver plated cutlery are made from carbon stainless steel for added flexibility and a sharp cutting edge. However, the carbon content slightly reduces stain resistance. Therefore prolonged contact with water should be avoided. Leaving knives in water overnight can have the same corrosive effect as three or four months ordinary use. Keep your knives in tip top condition by adhering to these golden rules: 1) Once knives are washed always try to dry them as quickly as possible. 2) Similarly, the damp atmosphere of a dishwasher can cause corrosion so remove and dry your cutlery as soon as the machine cycle has finished. 3) Keep the dishwasher rinse agent topped up. 4) Avoid detergents that contain lemon. 5) Never clean knife blades with silver polish as it’s too acidic. 6) Avoid detergent staining by rinsing and drying thoroughly. 7) Never use scouring pads or abrasive sponges when washing up as they can scratch.

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