Caring for your Stainless Steel Cutlery

Caring for your Stainless Steel Cutlery

Over time small surface scuffs and scratches will develop and this is only natural. To help minimise staining and to keep your cutlery in tip top condition we’ve created a few simple guidelines for you to follow: 1) Prolonged contact with water should be avoided. Leaving knives in water overnight can have the same corrosive effect as three or four months ordinary use. 2) Once knives are washed always try to dry them as quickly as possible. 3) Similarly, the damp atmosphere of a dishwasher can cause corrosion so remove and dry your cutlery as soon as the machine cycle has finished. 4) Keep the dishwasher rinse agent topped up. 5) Avoid detergents that contain lemon. 6) Never clean knife blades with silver polish as it’s too acidic. 7) Avoid detergent staining by rinsing and drying thoroughly. 8) If staining does occur a good stainless steel cleaner should be used immediately. 9) Stainless steel cutlery can be machine washed. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the type of detergents used. 10) Never mix stainless steel and silver plated cutlery in the same dishwasher basket as this can corrode the steel. 11) When hand washing avoid using liquid bleach and ensure that detergents are dissolved otherwise smearing and staining may occur. 12) Never use scouring pads or abrasive sponges when washing up as they can scratch. If these steps are followed you can look forward to many years of good service from your cutlery.

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