Walking Sticks

Explore our extensive range of quality town and country walking sticks in a variety of quality woods, metals and innovative handles.

Many people need a stick for everyday support and balance.

Although practical and functional, these fashionable, elegant and traditional walking sticks including beautiful ladies’ floral decorated walking canes and convenient folding walking sticks for your handbag, are from leading makers such as Classic Canes.

From the quietly classical to the extravagantly eye-catching, it is not unusual for women to amass extensive 'wardrobes' of walking sticks, to match outfits in many different colours and patterns.

To complement our range of walking sticks, collector’s canes, folding walking sticks and trekking poles, silver dress canes, shooting sticks, flipsticks and tripod seat sticks, we offer a wide range of accessories including wrist loops, rubber ferrules and carrying wallets for folding canes.

Today, there is a wonderful cane for every walking stick enthusiast, whatever their personal style!

There are no products matching the selection.

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